• Is a "smart" city efficient and sustainable, or does it allow for a chaos of anonymity and personal freedom? Do these goals preclude each other or are both possible? For some, the modern city is a human-made open source production, some see it as a sales market, while others view it as a symbol of public participation.

  • The internet is omnipresent—particularly in the arts and culture. Literary, performative and creative means of expression have been multiplied by bits and bytes.

  • Knowledge-to-go, digital brain pacemakers, agile learning computers and soldering robots: How are technologies changing the way we learn, teach, research and share knowledge? How can open educational opportunities be designed using digital methods?

  • At its best, journalism helps create order in a chaotic world and transforms the great course of events into digestible bites. While currently facing an almost unprecedented challenge via digitisation and the platform economy: the crisis of the public and objectivity. Of “penmen” who embellish their storylines.

  • Hype or hygge? Dogs, cats, honey badgers? Globetrotter or local history researcher? Anything that uplifts the soul or makes the heart beat faster – anything that makes us and life more beautiful are part of what we'll discuss in the “Lifestyles” track.

  • How does consensus work in the internet era? How do citizen’s movements develop, ones that are committed to internet freedom, environmental protection and open data? What will we be going out onto the streets to demonstrate for next and why?

  • Tik Tok! Who’s there? Hackers and geeks, Freifunkers and radio freeks, cyber anthropologists, security researchers, tech historians, system theoreticians, internet-governance-taskforcercs, anti-exploit engineers, DIYers and makers: this track is dedicated to you, your research, your tools, gimmicks and (open source) projects.

  • Time-tracking apps, co-working, digital nomads, gig economy, platform cooperatives, workplace surveillance: new technologies are visibly changing our everday work life—and have been for some time.


  • Protocols serve to regulate and control processes - in advance, presently or retrospectively. The topic "UN\FOLLOW Protocol" questions their structures, interfaces and scope for action with regard to music culture, the music industry and cultural policy.

  • Common! What are we waiting for? The facts are clear. The goal has been set. Solutions discussed and packaged as declarations of intent. Nevertheless, we too often wait in a state of shock and fall into the role of extras instead of actively shaping the world or our immediate environment ourselves.

  • The future (™) is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed. Such is the famous quote from SciFi superstar William Gibson. Digital technologies change the present and influence the possible pathways of development for our society(s), culture(s) and politics. These potentials, however, often become path dependencies.

  • The upcoming test, the nearing exam, the homework due tomorrow, the presentation for the day after, the streak in the vocab app, the next module in the online course, new messages in the study group on WhatsApp, early English lessons, lifelong learning, we all have to learn how to code, why not learning a music instrument and a yoga course...

  • With the introduction of digital sampling, virtual fashion and cloud systems, a huge hum of data is by now buzzing about. New technologies such as visualisation software, 3D body scanning and digital twins are taking the industry to a new leel.

  • The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) is presenting the seventh MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (MCB) in cooperation with Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) and re:publica on behalf of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

  • One of the most important and scarcest resources is the time available to each of us.

  • In 2020 we will again invite creative artists and cultural aficionados to the "Digital Culture Club". Our doors are open to all disciplines that wish to present, discuss, and further develop their ideas or projects in a diverse forum.

  • Bro's and circuses: often this is the cliché-laden starting point into digital adventure worlds. However, by now amateurs and full-time professionals, the young wild and the young at heart, monsters and avatars come together in front of the screen—connected by fiber optics and stream.

  • Our topic “Synthethic Natures” is about new connections between people, materials and machines, innovations and preserving nature. The title, a portmanteau of synthetic and ethics, plus nature, already signals that we’re trying to bring together time-honoured knowledge and new approaches.