Game on!

Bro's and circuses: often this is the cliché-laden starting point into digital adventure worlds. However, by now amateurs and full-time professionals, the young wild and the young at heart, monsters and avatars come together in front of the screen—connected by fiber optics and stream. Games are a wonderfully democratizing, diverse and liberating means to not only leave behind the dreary day-to-day, but to also make unknown connections, to challenge oneself and to discover new things. The colorful world of video games has long ceased to be mere hobby, but has become an important growth industry, second home, arena for various competitions, interactive cinema or the place for big dreams. In short, a phenomenon that belongs to be in the spotlight.

Which type of societies do we recreate when we design virtual worlds? Who creates these worlds, and for whom? Which mechanisms can be gamified for social challenges? It's just a game, isn't it?! A game that diffuses further and further into real life, because actually your whole life is multiplayer, full of quests and great graphics. Of course image problems will not be left out: wich is why we'll also be analysing and discussing right-wing networks in game forums and gamified terror attack.

We swoop from game theory to character play, don't shy away from dropping into the mainstream to subversively emerging from it in the next frame. Let us peek over your shoulders, but not into your gaming tactics! Throw on your Magic Capes, pull out your pencils, power up your computers and start up the consoles. We look forward to the next level with you!