Our community is evolving constantly and we’re looking for various ways on how to introduce especially those of you to re:publica who are going to participate for the first time. We want to show you what makes re:publica special and help you become a part of the community in no time. In 2019 we created the re:publica Mentorship Programme where we connected “newbies” with experienced participants who offered guidance during the event and helped making re:publica as accessible as possible. 

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from newbies, mentors and the community itself, we will be relaunching and improving the Mentorship Programme for #rp20.

This year we’re grateful that we were able to gather an exciting group of people with diverse interests as mentors for #rp20. 
Thanks to several participations in the past years they are perfectly familiar with re:publica and will be able to show newbies personal highlights and insider tips as well as introduce them to the community and answer questions from all participants via the hashtag #AskTheMentor on Twitter.

Here’s this year’s list of mentors (so far):

Track Journalism/Media

christiane wittenbecher

Christiane Wittenbecher

Christiane is a video journalist and has been at past re:publica events as reporter and speaker. She’s an expert in the field of video and storytelling and founder of her own production company IntoVR.

“I like to unfold the idea and the concept of networking that defines re:publica. It’s only networking when many people come together in one place and talk with each other and discuss and swap ideas. And to clink glasses, of course.”




Tanja Laub

Tanja Laub

As a consultant, Tanja works in the field of Community Management and has presumably been at re:publica five, six or seven times already—”I feel like re:publica has always been a part of me”.

“Onboarding is an important step for newcomers to feel welcomed within a community. Where can I find things, what tonality is appropriate and how to meet strangers? Those are the questions I would like to help answer for newbies.”



Track Politics

Djure Meinen

Djure Meinen

The blogger, influencer specialist and tantra masseur Djure has been at re:publica for over a decade now and has even been a panel host on stage already. 

“re:publica is like a big class reunion for me. It becomes a more and more fascinating and sometimes vast cosmos of the most important, most exciting, most thrilling, most dreadful, most beautiful and most erotic developments of our internet.”
(Photo Credit: 
Ellen Hempel Fotografie)




Ronald Zinke

Ronald Zinke

The 37-year old is a longtime participant at re:publica and is dedicated nationwide to foster acceptance for and break down prejudices against the #LGBTIQ* community.

“As a Community Manager I see communication as my personal mission and so I’m already looking forward to many new faces, contacts and conversations. I’m also looking forward to exciting sessions, talks and a lot of input.”



Portrait Kathrin Ganz

Kathrin Ganz

Kathrin lives in Hamburg and will be at re:publica for the 7th time. Having a PhD in social sciences she is focussing on internet politics and social and feminist topics at Margherita-von-Brentano Centre of Freie Universität Berlin. 

„re:publica evolves constantly and is a great opportunity to bring local and international debates together and find out what the digital society is working on at the moment. I'm looking forward to go exploring with my mentees.“
(Photo Credit: Philip Steffan)



Track City

Dirk Baranek

Dirk Baranek

The communications expert Dirk Baranek is one of the two founders of Baranek Renger agency and has been at almost every re:publica since 2009. He was on stage several times with sessions most recently for the 2019 “Twitterlesung”.

“re:publica creates spaces for new perspectives that can be crazy at times but are often professional and in any case surprising and inspiring. People that are digitally connected come together. It’s about networks and about having a beer with old friends and new ones. The conference is always great fun and probably unparalleled in the rest of the world.”
(Photo Credit: Stefan Nitzsche)


Track Work

Thorsten Ising

Thorsten Ising

The marketing and communications expert Thorsten has been attending re:publica since the first year it took place at STATION Berlin.

“re:publica’s community is special to me because it’s dynamic but with a certain consistency at its heart. It’s honest, distinct and unabashed. It’s open to complex topics, and consistently welcomes new faces, participants and groups.”
(Photo Credit: Malte Klauck, Hamburg)



Conradin Sonnenberg

Conradin Sonnenberg

As the founder of Open Creation Consulting GmbH and a mentor at Food Tech Campus Berlin, Conradin knows his way around helping people discover new things. Already in 2012 he was actively taking part in re:publica’s programme by hosting a crowd creation project.

“That was massive for the nearly 20 participating theatres from Germany—even though we had only few people in the audience because Sascha Lobo was speaking at the same time on the main stage ;-)))”




Sven Semet

Sven Semet

When it comes to networking, Sven is skilled online as well as IRL. During the last ten years he has been attending nearly every re:publica. As mentor he wants to pass on his knowledge by giving Newbies an understanding of the distinct ways to use Social Media at re:publica.

“#ThoughtLeader, #VUCARockers, #OpenForNewThings, #WeAreLoud, #RestoreDemocracy, #Humanity, #Innovation and #Sustainability”




P.S.: We’ll soon let you know how to participate as a newbie in the Mentorship Programme!