General Information

Expertise for a balanced curation of our programme

We have a close focus on transparency and clarity in curating our programme. In addition to the re:publica programme team, since the rpTEN 2016 there have been external curators who help us to evaluate the submitted sessions from the Call for Participation and ensure that diverse perspectives and voices are represented in the re:publica programme.

The curation team consists of experts, some of whom have been with us for several years and know re:publica well. On the one hand, they consist of our co-curators for the Topics Music: "Music: <UN\FOLLOW Protocol>", "Virtually Fashionable" and "re:learn". On the other hand, for each of the eight Tracks, a “track team” is formed which is in very close exchange with the re:publica programme team.

With our curating process we thus involve more than 70 people in the active design of the re:publica programme, thus increasing our reach and influences and ensuring more topicality and quality in our stage and off-stage programme. Particularly because re:publica is constantly growing, we want to involve our companions in the festival design and make sure that we are as close as possible to our communities.