Common! What are we waiting for? The facts are clear. The goal has been set. Solutions discussed and packaged as declarations of intent. Nevertheless, we too often wait in a state of shock and fall into the role of extras instead of actively shaping the world or our immediate environment ourselves. With "Bottom up" we want to reclaim, tinker with and fix participatory experimental spaces, "right here, right now".

It's about grassroots movements, hacker, maker, and safe spaces, activism, good ideas and bottom-up change. We dismantle the "tragic of the commons" in the (self-organized) collective:
Where and who is actually "on top" – the head of the family, the oldest, the "CEO", politics, the upper ten thousand?
Are we really at the top of the food chain, who is at the bottom and why?
What influence do the unequal distribution of resources, opportunities and rights have on the great challenges of our time?
How do we overcome the digital divide?
How do we – if necessary – overcome power relations und monopolies and dismantle hierarchies?
What can we learn from indigenous cultures and interspecies communication?
How do we articulate between radicalism, actionism and activism?

Upside down, let's jointly leave known spaces of possibility. Let's turn roots into crowns, earth into heaven, bottom into top, small to big, dark to light, narrow to wide, liquid to solid, secondary sentences into main sentences and questions into tangible answers.