#rp20 Call for Participation: Topic “Game On!”

Game on!

Games can be democratising, diverse and liberating. Means to not only leave behind the dreary everyday life but to also make unknown connections, to challenge oneself and to discover new things. The colorful world of video games has long ceased to be mere hobby, but has become an important growth industry, second home, arena for various competitions, interactive cinema or a place for big dreams. In short, a phenomenon that belongs to be in the spotlight. In our #rp20 topic “Game On!” you can submit your ideas about virtual worlds to our Call for Participation (CfP).

Together with you we would like to discuss, which type of societies we recreate when we design virtual worlds. Who creates these worlds, and for whom? Which mechanisms can be gamified for social challenges?

Until 15 December 2019, 23:59 (CET), you can submit to the Call for Participation (CfP)!

We are looking forward to your ideas!

More information about the CfP can be found here.