#NightofLight2020 – we’re a part of it!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to contact restrictions and hygiene regulations the majority of events can not take place as planned anymore. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses in the event industry can be characterised as “first in/last out” companies—meaning, these businesses were the first to be affected by the pandemic and will most definitely be the last ones to resume normal operations after the crisis has ended.

Red alert
As part of a nationwide campaign all sectors of the event industry will come together as a unified interest and work group to organise the “Night of Light” event. On the evening of 22 June 2020 various buildings and landmarks will be illuminated with red light.
Photos and videos of the campaign will be circulating online via hashtag #NightofLight2020 and will be shown on a dedicated Facebook page and on Instagram. All activities will support the plea for a dialogue between the industry and policy-makers.

We’re taking part
re:publica lives and breathes the interdisciplinary exchange between civil society, politics, science, culture and economy for more than 13 years now. We’re deeply affected by the restrictions in place due to the global pandemic and had to organise our annual event—re:publica Berlin—in “digital exile” this year. #rpREMOTE took place on 7 May 2020 and the impact of the Corona crisis on the creative and cultural sector has been a part of the programme as well and was picked up in our talk with Berlin’s Minister for Culture and Europe Klaus Lederer, for example.  

The team of re:publica hopes for a conceptual cooperation with the relevant authorities in Berlin and has already started discussions.

Berlin is a city that was once defined by its club culture, festivals, fairs and events. In the current crisis this variety stands out in a particular critical place: even though the awareness exists that this industry and all its subcontractors are an essential part of Berlin and even though the political will is present, most support activities fail due to the way funding programmes are layed out. I don’t want this to be understood as criticism but rather as an incentive to continue this work because the diversity of actors calls for a mosaic of supporting measures. 
No one could have guessed the kind of support that became necessary this year and I am extremely grateful to the Berlin Senate for the implementation of the supporting measures so far! We don’t take this for granted but there is still a lot to do and as re:publica we are more than happy to help out wherever necessary.  

Andreas Gebhard, Co-founder and Managing Director of re:publica 

re:publica Berlin x #nightoflight2020
For “Night of Light” and together with CKB, Minga Network, expofair and TSE AG we will be illuminating the re:publica warehouse in Berlin-Lichtenberg with red light on 22 June 2020 from 10 PM to 1 AM. Pictures from the event will be shared on our social media channels that night.

For more information about the campaign and how to take part, go to night-of-light.de