Off Stage

The Call for Participation (CfP) for re:publica 2020 is closed. The CfP for re:publica 2021 will open in autumn 2020.

Pop-ups, installation art and activities: The re:publica Off Stage Programme

The Off Stage program at re:publica 20 connects different spaces, locations and interstices. It is everything that happens aside from the stages. There will be pop-ups, installation art, music, games and activities in various locations all around the venue that will invoke all senses and challenge the mind-sets of participants of #rp20.

You’re invited to bring new formats and new ways of expressing yourselves to the crowds of re:publica. Together, we aim to create new places and moments that go deep. 

Your ideas wanted! Let us help you find the right space for your creative ideas or projects at re:publica. True to this year’s motto we’ll let your actions and works do the talking.

Submit your idea for the following formats:

Pop-Up // Show Up 
You’re looking for like-minded peers and mavericks? Set up a pop-up and get talking about your ideas for the future. Organise flashmobs, demos or make space for spontaneous formats. Sometimes, all it takes is a table to send a message to the moon.

Action // Show Off 
Actions are meant to mingle among participants of re:publica and are not bound to a specific place. Why not help others to get a grip on life by offering coachings? Or you could share hugs and organise timeouts for everyone.

Installation // Show It 
Whether your sculpture fits best into a historic windmill or your busy building sensible KI or AR altars—your works cause a stir, provoke attention, encourage others. Bring them around and we’ll find the perfect place for them.

Music // Show Loud
A ukulele flashmob or your gig as part of our evening programme—your sound is making the world a better place and that’s why you’re very welcome.

The call for participation for re:publica 20 is closed.

Learn more about how to get involved on our Call for Participation website, FAQs or our Session Guidelines.