How To CfP

How To Call for Participation—Taking Part ASAP

Below you will find the most important points in a nutshell for participating in the Call for Participation (CfP) for re:publica 2020 in Berlin. Please do read the Session Guidelines which are prerequisite for the participation. In the FAQ you can find detailed information and tipps. Please also read them carefully even though you took part before. A few things have changed.

  • The Call for Participation (CfP) for re:publica 2020 is closed.
  • Register for a speaker profile using this page
  • If you’ve previously been a re:publica participant from 2014 onward and already have a profile, then use your login data to log in here. You can then add a proposal for a session in your account. You’ll receive notification from us as to whether we’ve accepted your submission starting around mid-February onwards. Please completely fill out your speaker profile before logging out for the first time
  • The number of characters is limited   
  • Title: max. 200 characters 
  • Short thesis: max. 350 characters
  • Session desciption: max. 2,000 characters (longer texts will not be reviewed / only reviewed to a length of 2,000 characters)
  • Be sure to pay attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Make an effort to be intelligible and keep it short => If your idea is accepted, the title, short thesis and description will be published and inform visitors about what will be happening in your session
  • If it appears in your description, please spell “re:publica” correctly
  • You may submit your session in English or German
  • Diversity and gender balance are a re:publica requirement for all sessions. 50 per cent of the speakers on stage should be female (moderators not included)
  • We cannot pay you any fees, or reimburse any of your travel or accommodation expenses
  • But you will get a three-day ticket and delicious catering on the day of your session ... and of course you will have a lot of fun

Are there other questions? You can get the FAQ here and to the Session Guidelines here.

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Quick Start CfP: How to submit your Session and/or Off Stage Action
How To CfP

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