The Track Teams of #rp20

To maintain transparency in the curation of our programme, we want to be transparent about the selection process and introduce you to our Track Teams! In order to ensure the representation of diverse perspectives and voices we put together a programme committee that helps us to evaluate all submissions. We invite people from the community, friends of re:publica and experts, as well as former speakers to become a part of our Track Teams and curate a balanced stage programme.

For each of the eight tracks, a Track Team of 2–12 members is formed to review corresponding submissions—always in close exchange with the programme team of #rp20.

Since we don't want to keep members of the Track Teams from submitting to the Call for Participation themselves, we’re careful about who we assign which session for evaluation to in order to prevent bias. The Track Team members then rate sessions in their assigned tracks and write a comment.

Eventually, we get together in ‘analogue’ and digital meetings to create a shortlist. The Track Teams help to identify trends and focal points and discover gaps. The assessments and recommendations of the Track Teams are taken into account and incorporated into the curation by the #rp20 programme team.

This process helps us to create a coherent programme in which beginner and expert sessions alternate and a well-balanced format mix can be offered for each track—also in terms of language and gender.

Many thanks to the members of this year's Track Teams for their great support!

Find an overview of all Track Team members here.