#rpRemote — the #CoronaDiaries of re:publica Berlin


Our daily routine is affected by #SocialDistancing and #StayAtHome at the moment. The whole team of re:publica is currently working from home planning the next steps for #rp20.
In the meantime, we want to continue to provide you with interesting and relevant content on our channels as usual. We especially don’t want to lose sight of the “good news” as we’re seeing a lot of innovative processes and projects recently that have now been set in motion. People who support each other in solidarity. New and creative ways are being paved. Some in real life but most in the digital world.

We’re collecting up-to-date news, exciting projects and initiatives as well as inspiring re:publica sessions from our archives on the topics education, (internet) policy, science, technology, health and culture and our very own personal recommendations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
Naturally, we want to hear your opinion as well and are looking forward to a digital exchange on our channels with you!

#CoronaDiaries: The week with the team of re:publica Berlin

Mondays will be all about #relearn regarding topics like school and digital education.

On Tuesdays we’ll put the spotlight on topics regarding (internet) policy as well as personal recommendations and impressions from the team behind re:publica Berlin as part of our #TeamTuesday.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to the #digitalcultureclub in terms of exciting and innovative projects, initiatives and cultural institutions.

Thursday will become #CommunityThursday: How do you currently organise your daily routine? In home office? Together with your kids? How do you keep yourselves informed? What tips and advice would you like to share with others? What inspires and moves you? We’re looking forward to your ideas and thoughts! 

On Friday we’ll bring you recommendations regarding #books, #podcasts and #music.

We’re collecting our recommendations in a constantly updated overview here.

On that note, #stayathome and stay healthy!

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