"As Sustainable as Possible"

ASAP—more than ever re:publica 20 will be about sustainability. Because thinking and acting sustainably has an effect on all areas of our lives and questions the status quo. That's why it is time to redefine the buzzword of sustainability, to shake off the dust and fill it it with what has been lost in the hype: life, fun and humankind. It's time to exchange ideas and pitch in together.

Let's together debate fundamental princples, tackle projects, prepare demonstrations, launch clubs, play computer games, conceive utopias. We want to dance, write poems, programme and shed a light on what sustainability and sustainable development actually means to us - from a social and ecological to an economic perspective.

For the first time at #rp20 we will establish a genuine space where the net community and sustainability actors can work and tinker together in order to find out what a digital-sustainable transformation of our society really means. One house. 5 floors. 5000sqm: In 2020, the whole Kühlhaus Berlin will be dedicated to sustainability. Here, we will deepen and condense what is being discussed at the entire re:publica Berlin.

Since we want to reflect on new and unconventional perspectives on sustainability, we will open these questions to the floor:

  • What does a digitised world look like that takes the limits of the planet and people into account?
  • Who is currently paving the way for a sustainable society?
  • What will happen if we continue on the current path?
  • Which adaptation strategies do we have if we fail to achieve the necessary climate goals?
  • How does a world look like if we act in the spirit of sustainable economic development?
  • How does a world without humanity look like?

Join us! Your ideas on sustainability for our CfP

From labs that research artificial intelligence and climate protection, politicians, bio-economists, oceanologists, NGOs, geologists, slam poets, game developers, tech gurus or theatre makers, diversity specialists, (para-)athletes, makers, soil scientists, fintechs, courageous corporates, activists, business psychologists to designers, space waste managers, astrophysicists, climate researchers, VR developers, utopists and dystopists and and and ... We're looking forward to your ideas!

You want to participate? Submit your ideas for our Call for Participation ASAP until 15 December 2019, 23:59 (CET). Check out for more information on our CfP here.

Be crazy, couragous and moving. Let's reflect sustainability in more innovative, colourful, beautiful, deeper, and more consistent way and set the agenda for a brighter future.

More to come soon..keep your eyes open.