#rp20 Speaker Luc Steels—implications of technological dominance

Luc Steels is a Belgian scientist and artist based in Barcelona. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the area of Artificial Intelligence and is well-known for his work on dialogues for humanoid robots and his research into the origins of language and meaning. His scientific activities are influenced by his artistic background in such that he looks at topics from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. He wrote an opera and a theater play and even did some performances in his youth before going to the US to study computer science and artificial intelligence at the MIT. 
For re:publica 20 he will be talking about “technological dominance” and its implications on society. Find Luc Steels on Twitter here.  

ASAP—3 questions for … Luc Steels

We asked Luc about his recent work, the most pressing issues for him at the moment and his recommended readings, music or movies.

What topic will you talk about at #rp20? 
Can we still wrestle ourselves away from technological dominance? 

True to this year’s motto—what’s the most pressing issue for you personally at the moment? 
Taking care of my accounting.

What’s your reading, movie or music recommendation that everyone should check out ASAP? 

We look forward to seeing Luc Steels on stage at #rp20!