#rp20 Speaker Dirk Baecker—Complexity of Intelligence

Author and sociologist Dirk Baecker investigates on social and cultural change due to digitisation, complexity and strategies of psychological resilience. He is dean of the faculty of Cultural Reflexion at Witten/Herdecke University and professor for cultural theory and management. As representative for social system theory he succeeds the tradition of his Ph.D. adviser, renowned sociologist Niklas Luhmann. Dirk Baecker skillfully connects social theory, cultural theory, economic sociology, organisational research and management studies. For example, he looks at how the increasing speed of information processing (through AI) affects our coping mechanisms. His newest book is titled “Intelligenz, künstlich und komplex”. In order to better understand what defines the entity of a „human intelligence“, Dirk Baecker compares the contrast of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Find his Twitter feed here

ASAP—3 questions for … Dirk Baecker

We asked Dirk about his recent work, the most pressing issues for him at the moment and his recommended readings, music or movies.

What topic will you talk about at #rp20? 
Complexity now? I am concerned with the topic that the growing network society makes a type of complex intelligence tangible that we have hardly ever expected before: a more than improbable interplay of physical, neural, mental, social and artificial intelligence, among others.

True to this year’s motto—what’s the most pressing issue for you personally at the moment? One might think that everything has been said about this, but for me nothing is more urgent than an appropriate, presumably paradoxical understanding of communication. What is the role of negation and the always accompanying readiness for imagination? Sounds like a calculation? It is a calculation! 

What’s your reading, movie or music recommendation that everyone should check out ASAP? 



We look forward to learn more from Dirk Baecker on stage at #rp20!