#rp20 Call for Participation: Topic “Digital Culture Club”

Digital Culture Club

In our #rp20 topic "Digital Culture Club" we will discuss about digital culture: Whether digital strategies of large cultural institutions, virtual exhibition formats, innovative library concepts, the creative interim use of public spaces or new approaches to literature and publishing: At the Digital Culture Club, the stage belongs to change agents from the cultural sector who shape digital-cultural transformation processes instead of raising concerns.

  • What topics and developments are currently driving the Open GLAM (“Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums”) sector in Europe? 
  • How is the publication of digital cultural assets or digital artefacts under open licences coming along? 
  • Where do VR applications enrich the presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage, also with regard to provenance research? 
  • How can 3D scans and printers be used for restoration or reproduction? 
  • How can Artificial Intelligence support the mass development of archives?

Whether a talk, panel, workshop or off-stage action—we’re looking forward to your exciting submission!

Our Call for Participation is open until 15 Dezember 2019, 23:59 (CET): Check out our our #rp19 topic Playlist "Digital Culture Club" and re:publica Track Playlist "Culture" for more inspiration.

Information about CfP can be found here.