#rp20 Call for Participation—Step by Step

The countdown is on! Our Call for Participation (CfP) will end on 15 December 2019, 23:59 (CET). Until then you still have time to submit your ideas and become a part of re:publica 20. That’s why we have summarised all steps of the submission process in a step-by-step guide:

    1.    Speaker registration

First, open the speaker registration for re:publica 20. There are two different starting points for the next steps:

You have already been a speaker at a re:publica or own  a speaker profile: You can log in here and update your data. Find more information at "3. Submit Session".

You don't have a speaker profile yet—please read the following steps:

Create a speaker profile:

Step 1: Enter your first and last name.
Step 2: Choose a username (Tip: If you choose a combination of your first and last name, we will be able to find you in the system)
Step 3: Enter your email address (Important: We will send you information via this email address)
Step 4: You will receive an email with an activation link (Important: The link is only active for a limited time)—please follow this link to activate your account.

Complete your speaker profile:

Step 1: Log in for the first time—you must complete your speaker profile (Note: You can only save your speaker profile if you have filled in all fileds marked with a red star).
Step 2: Upload a photo. Please consider the following formats for your photo: 800 KB Limit, Format: png gif jpg jpeg, 480x480 Pixels (Note: All images larger than 1024x1024 Pixels will be resized).
Step 3: Fill in your short biography (200 words/1000 characters).
Step 4: Enter your organization or job title (Note: Please include the link to your organization's website).
Step 5: Change your password.
Step 6: Save your data and your speaker profile is ready!

    2.    Speaker Profile and Dashboard

When you log in, you will find a menu: Click the "Dashboard" button—you can see the menu buttons: "Home", "My Dashboard" and "Create content".

  • "My Dashboard": Here you can view and edit your data.
  • "Create content." Here you can find the buttons "My Profile", "Add Session", "Add Off Stage Action".
  • "My Profile": Here you can edit your profile via the "Edit" link (e.g. you can change your password).
  • "Add Session": Here you can submit your idea to the Call for Participation (CfP)!
  • "Add Off Stage Action": Here you can submit your idea to the off stage actions (actions, installations, programme topics away from the stages).
  • "Home”: Here you return to 20.re-publica.com

    3.    Submit session

Step 1: Click “My Dashboard.
Step 2: Click "Add Session" to submit a session, or click "Add Off Stage Action" to submit an off-stage action.
Step 3: Now you reach the CfP form. Please read the form carefully!
Step 4: Enter all the required information.
Step 5: Click on "Save". Your session will now be listed  at "My Dashboard". The re:publica programme team can also see it now.
Step 6 (optional): You can work on  your session later on  by clicking "Save". The only important thing is that you have completed your session until 15 December 2019, 23:59 (CET)!

Please also note again your submission can only be accepted if your speaker profile is completed until the deadline.

    4.    Submit sessions with multiple speakers

If you are planning a session with multiple speakers, each of them must create a speaker profile and tell you their usernames . To include all speakers in your CfP submission, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click on "Add item" to open another speaker window.
Step 2: Enter the name into the field "speaker". Please note that you need to wait for autocomplete to find the username in our database.

Finally, it’s done!

We are looking forward to your submission!

Check out more information about our CfP here.

How To CfP

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