The re:publica Mentorship Programme is back

What would re:publica be without you—our community!? You help shaping the event and we’re more than grateful for that.
Because our community is growing constantly we’re looking for various ways on how to introduce especially those of you to re:publica who are going to participate for the first time. We want to show you what makes re:publica special and help you become a part of the community in no time. For that we created the re:publica Mentorship Programme.

We connected “newbies” with experienced participants who offer guidance during the event and help in making re:publica as accessible as possible.
Our eight experienced mentors were distinguished by their different field of interest as well as being participants of re:publica for many years. They revealed personal favourites and highlights to their mentees, encouraged them to get to know new people and helped them find their way around the event in no time. By using the hashtag #AskTheMentor they even offered support online on Twitter during the three days of re:publica.

We would like to extend a big “thank you!” to all mentors of #rp19! 
Thanks to Annabel Dukes, Anne Roth, Jörg Leupold, Leander Wattig, Marco Jahn, Nicole Ebber, Stefanie Probst and Thomas Knüwer!

We asked them to describe their experience during #rp19 by completing the sentence “My favourite moment as a mentor was…”:

...when my mentee told me that he liked it so much that he plans to definitely take part again next year.
Stefanie Probst

...meeting my mentee in Düsseldorf after re:publica because we’re still in contact until today.
Thomas Knüwer

My favourite moment as a mentor during #rp19 was seeing the community grow. I like people making connections with other people and there’s nothing more rewarding than to help building these connections. That’s what we do at ORBANISM and it’s what I’ve been doing at re:publica every year—with or without being a mentor. I’m really looking forward to 2020!
Leander Wattig

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from newbies, mentors and the community itself, we’re happy to announce we’ll be relaunching and improving the Mentorship Programme for #rp20.

Want to be a mentor and join us? Apply now!

You know re:publica for many years as an active participant, you’re an active networker and you love to connect other people? Then you’re the one we should be talking to regarding our Mentorship Programme for re:publica 2020!
Simply send us a message until 15 December 2019 to redaktion@re-publica.com and let us know:

  • Why you would like to become a mentor and how often you’ve been to re:publica before
  • What you think makes re:publica (and its community) special
  • What track you feel most comfortable in

All mentors will get free tickets for re:publica 2020 and a lot of social reach online. In return, you’ll be the contact person for a small group of newbies in your preferred subject area/topic for one day during re:publica. If you want, you’ll also help the community online on Twitter via #AskTheMentor with your tips and tricks.

We’re looking forward to your messages!

Join now and tell your friends and family—#AsCommunityAsPossible! #AsMentorAsPossible! (^_-)

P.S.: We’ll soon let you know how to participate as a newbie in the Mentorship Programme.