The Co-Curators of #rp20

Additionally to the Track Teams, who are involved in the evaluation of our Call for Participation, Co-Curators have been supporting our programming for several years now.

The #rp20 Topic „Music: <UN\FOLLOW Protocol>" is co-curated by Andrea Goetzke and Eric Eitel (Musicpool Berlin). Max Gilgenmann und Carina Bischof (Kaleidoscope Berlin) help to shape the Topic „Virtually Fashionable" and Jöran Muuß-Merholz (Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten) assists us with „re:learn"—just like many re:publicas before.

All these experts in their field independently but in close exchange with the programme team curate a Topic, which is a part of the programme with a thematic focus. They are well connected within their scene, have experience with event formats and know re:publica and its values. This enables us to offer topicality, originality and quality even in niches, or to set accents and present something new with various topics.

Many thanks to our co-curators this year for their vital input!