ASAP – Call for Participation for #rp20

We provide a forum for your ideas—the topics, projects, visions that you really care about. Because re:publica is you and you’re re:publica! Both participant and speaker in equal measure!

Give a talk about digital humanism at the re:publica 2020 and debate internet policies. Speak about smart cities and technology utopias. Explore the relationship between digitisation and the intersectional points of sustainability and culture. Take a look into outer space and into the future. Open minds to topics that nobody is yet aware of. Lead with your commitment on social issues.

Whatever it is that moves you, submit it right away to the Call for Participation (CfP) and help shape the re:publica 2020 with your suggestions.

With this year's motto ASAP ("As soon as possible") we dedicate ourselves to the state of real and felt urgency in which our global and digital society currently finds itself in. Be inspired by the motto and be "as creative as possible"!

And... Action
Even offstage and backstage, re:publica lives through you. Feel free to send in anything and everything that will have people on the edge of their seats. Actions, pop ups, flash mobs, field research, walking acts, games or photography—surprise us!

Please find everything you need to know on our Call for Participation Page, in the FAQ and our Session Guidelines. The deadline for your submissions is 15 December 2019, 11:59 p.m. (CET).

We are looking forward to your submissions!